Bee Small Round Necklace



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The Bee is set in a shiny sterling silver circle that is 3/4 inch or 2cm wide and hangs from flexible silver wire available in 16 inch (photo) and 18 inch lengths. The oil painting is protected by a dome of clear resin..

Channel the prosperity, abundance and kindness that the Bee symbolizes. This piece is set in a modern, simple silver setting and minimal wire chain; it’s delicate and refined, unique and natural. This piece speaks of nature and gardens, of sunny summer afternoons, and of brightness and flowers.

This product is in stock and ships in 2-3 business days.

10% of purchase price is donate to NRDC, to support clean energy, tackle climate change and protect endangered animals and open spaces.

Andrea Vickery is a modern jewelry line inspired by nature and science. Each piece is designed and hand painted by Andrea in her California studio, and is guaranteed to be unique, innovative, and extraordinary.

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