Each Piece is a Donation to National Resources Defense Council

My inspiration comes from nature and science. I’m always inspired by trees, animals and the outdoors. That is why I’ve decided to donate 10% of the purchase price of every product to the National Resources Defense Council, or NRDC. The NRDC works with clean energy, reducing climate change, protecting animals, clean water initiatives, safe food, ocean health, and more. Click here to see their 2015 Annual report, showing where donated money is spent.

I had several criteria that needed to be met when making my choice. It was important to me to support a charity that worked inside the United States and outside and to support a charity that helped animals as well as clean energy and addressing climate change. It was important to me to donate to a charity that was efficient with donations and is successful at committing donated money to the stated causes with little overhead. NRDC met all these requirements!



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