Inspiration behind the Rabbit


I designed the Jackrabbit necklace 2 years ago. The idea was a Predator | Prey series: the prey are very fierce and the predators are kind and gentle. The concept of the series was to challenge our stereotypes of what it means to be the prey (weak, scared, bad) or the predator (powerful, strong, good); the reality in nature is both the predator and prey rely and depend on each other. Neither survives without the other; this is balance in nature.

I had been painting the necklaces for over a year when, in the fall of 2016, I started working on original art based on my most popular jewelry pieces; the first piece was the Jackrabbit.


The second necklace in the series is the Grey Wolf.

People ask me if I have a rabbit, and the answer is no. However I do have a 24 pound cat that does look like a rabbit.


The Small Jackrabbit necklace is available in my store. The Jackrabbit pastel drawing is also available as a print.

Invention #002: Pet Excretion Cleaner

So one of the inventions I’ve been thinking about is a cat barf cleaner. The other morning my daughter woke up early and walked out into the front room in the dark. She stepped in the cat barf, then, of course, came to get me to clean it up. If there had been someone awake, like a little robot who doesn’t need to sleep, it could very easily have detected the horking sound, and located and cleaned the wet spot. I’m imagining a little Chibi Robo with a toothbrush, but that’s probably not very practical. Probably a little guy that looks like a bottle cap with carpet cleaner and a towel. In the case of poop (most likely dog not cat), it would have a little shovel and a plastic lined repository to store the poop until it can be cleaned.

Then I came across the really funny/not-funny article on the Guardian about how the Roomba, with no mess detection ability, will smear the mess around the room. We need better designed robots!