New Piece! Cherry Blossom Vertical Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver


One of the first pieces I painted was cherry blossoms. We have a cherry blossom tree outside our front window and I love in spring when it suddenly the delicate pink blossom erupt from the tree. The tree is then covered in pink for about a week, sometimes more. And then on our of our famous windy, gusty days, all the blossom take flight and the neighborhood is covered with them. They end up in the garage, in the car, everywhere. And then they are gone until next year. The tree then is covered with bright green leaves all summer.




California Poppy Oval necklace now available in Gold Tone

The California Poppy necklace is now available with a brass bezel and 24 carat gold filled cable chain! I love the warm tone of gold next to the bright orange of the poppies.

Until now my pieces have only been available in sterling silver and sometimes white brass, but now I’m starting to experiment with the warm rich color of brass and gold.

The Poppy Oval necklace is available now and in stock!