New Birch Vertical Bar Necklace

In the Fall of 2016, I started working with the Vertical Bar shape. I love this shape as it’s a larger size, but the slimness of the bar makes it feel like a smaller necklace.

My sister lives in Utah and often when I visit we hike up in the Wasatch range. In winter or summer these forests are so striking and starkly beautiful, I wanted to reproduce that look in a necklace. Birch trees are graphically dramatic, with their black and white trunks, and also symbolize northern and mountain regions, hushed winters covered in blankets of soft snow. Birch trees also symbolize new beginnings and adaptability, as they survive harsh winters to be renewed with fresh, bright green leaves every spring.

Click here to go to my store to purchase or see more pictures of the Birch Vertical Bar necklace.



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