Global Citizen

Here’s an interesting article: the argument is that in order for humans to start of manage the destruction to the environment in which we’re currently engaged, we need to reshape our thinking from being just local citizens to being global citizens. And in order to accomplish this, we need to embrace the concept of dual citizenship.

Humans are now entering the Anthropocene Era: this means we are entering an era dominated by human’s manipulation of the environment. Some scientists believe this started around 1950.

In today’s global political arena and global challenges, it’s comforting to revert to small, local communities. While this is natural and there is also a need to support people in our own community, we also need to challenge ourselves with global thinking in order to take responsibility for what is happening on a global scale, not just to climate and animals, but to poor and vulnerable people that will bear the brunt of climate change.

The concept is to join the Antarctic World Community and become not just a member of a country and a region, but a member of a worldwide community, dedicated to tackling global issues. Sign me up!


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