Constellation Necklace makes a Perfect Gift


For those that live in the city, spotting the constellations can be a bit of a challenge. I remember the first time I saw Scorpio: we were driving to San Diego down highway 5 through central California. It was about 9 pm; we were driving at night to avoid traffic in LA. I was sitting in the passenger’s seat when suddenly I recognized the configuration of stars just above the horizon. Scorpio is huge! It took up a big portion of the sky and I couldn’t stop looking at it. Just beautiful.

I offer the constellation necklace in the 12 zodiac signs, plus Big Dipper and Orion. I can’t also do a custom constellation, if you’re looking for something else. If you’re looking for a personal gift for a loved one (or youself!), the constellation necklace is perfect!

Click here to visit my store!


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