Why I love the Mars Rover

When I’m selling my pieces at shows, I can tell the Mars Rover fans: they scan my necklaces, and suddenly, they recognize the Rover, Curiosity. They look to me, then back at the Rover, and ask “Wow, is that the Mars Rover?” It always makes me feel a bit of “squeee!!” inside.


Why did I decide to paint the Rover? It started back in 2012; the Curiosity landing was broadcast, and generated a lot of excitement about what it might find. I was kind of into the Rover, but it wasn’t until high resolution photographs of the Martian surface were released that I started to realize how awesome Curiosity is. Being a visual person, these high resolution photos for the first time really made me feel I was standing on Mars and experiencing and discovering this alien planet right with the Rover.

Do you love the Rover too? Drop me a line!

Mars Curiosity Rover necklace is available in my shop here!

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