Why do I love beetles?

I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of all insects. In fact, in one of my early prototyping phases, I tried to draw a spider. Just a normal, completely harmless house spider. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t draw a spider; it just gave me the willies.

Beetle however for me are different. They remind of me of tiny machines or tanks; when you watching them walk, they just plug along, marching over obstacles in their way. I love their shapes: the shapes of their carapace, their little shiny legs. I also love that they come in all colors of the rainbow, and black; in fact, some iridescent ones are every color of the rainbow. There are more beetles than any other creature on Earth.


Why did I then pick the Stag Beetle for a necklace? I think the Stag Beetle, with it’s exaggerated pincers, is kind of a perfect symbol of beetles, a shape instantly recognizable. I think other bug lovers will love this piece!

My Stag Beetle Necklace is now available in a smaller size: 1.25 inch round. You can purchase it here! You can purchase it here!

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