Why I donated to NRDC in 2016

In 2016, I decided to donate 10% of my revenue (revenue, not profit) of all pieces I sold online and at shows to National Resources Defense Council. For me, as a small business owner and stay-at-home mom, that’s a lot of money. I could easily have used that money for our family, but I passionately feel it’s time to support institutions in which we believe, and here’s why I choose the NRDC.

  1. Nature inspires me. And I want to protect these spaces and animals so future generations can enjoy our wild open spaces.
  2. We only have one Earth. Our survival as a species depends on us having a habitable place to live. As much as we like to dream of traveling to or living on Mars and other planets, that’s not going to be a reality for a long time to come. Our water, our food: this is life. And without these things, we will die.
  3. Science and facts are important, and the work of the NRDC is determined by science that shows us where our environment is vulnerable. Without science and facts to show where we are failing, we wont be able to stop and reverse damage to the Earth. This could result in permanent and even irreversible damage.

Today the NRDC filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration to not delay protection of the rusty patched bumble bee. I’m proud that my donation is helping to make this possible!


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