A Reminder to America

I don’t know who will win the election tonight, but I just hope whoever it is, that we’ll all be OK. That America will be OK.

On a positive note, here is a ray of sunshine to keep us all going. The focus of this article is not to discuss pros and cons of Musk’s plan or him as a person, but rather to focus on the fact that he laid out a very difficult and seemingly impossible dream, and we all collectively said “OK, let’s do that.” This to me is what is important to protect and nurture everywhere:  the ability for anyone to come up with an idea, no matter how insurmountable or complex, and then to say “OK, let’s do it. Seems impossible, but heck, it’s just a series of solvable problems, yes?” There are so many dreams we can choose to walk away from because we can’t see a vision of success, but we don’t. We go for it. And we should be proud of that.


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