Mars Rover Necklace

Available in the store, one of my most popular pieces, the Mars Rover necklace. The Mars Rover was my first design when I started making jewelry, one of the first pieces I sold, and has always been my most popular design. What is it about the Rover that made we want to put it one a necklace?

First, I’ve been following news of the Rover since the nail-biting, and ultimately successful, landing sequence. The photos broadcast back are so detailed and engaging photos, I feel like I’m there. I wanted to honor our Earth’s ambassador on Mars. And the design of the Rover is (can I say it?) cute and fun.

Second, it’s hard to find science- and space-themed jewelry with a modern design. Most of the pieces I found on Etsy have a more traditional jewelry look. I wanted something more modern in design, something a little sleeker, something that emphasized the image in the jewelry and not the jewelry itself. So I decided to make it myself.


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