Nature-inspired Tiles

First this article caught my eye because I love the phrase “when art and science were friends.” It does feel to me today, as an artist, that art and science aren’t friends, and that technology and art are also often not friends. I love bringing these 2 disciplines together; I think in the fast-paced world of science and technology, art is being left behind; it feels old fashioned, inaccessible, and out of touch in the days were increasingly complex technologies make use of the newest scientific discoveries. In today’s VC funded world, art doesn’t bring in the Big Bucks; even President Obama dissed Art History majors by saying that you can make more money learning a trade than studying art history. He’s implying you’re not contributing to society if you’re not studying specifically to make money. (He later apologized.)

I hope my work shows that we still need art; we still need visual ways to express and process what is going on in society and culture. Art is not just for cold galleries and stern museums; art is something happening all around us right now that helps us understand  and mirror back the culture that we’re building with all these new discoveries. If we charge ahead without considering what we’re building, we’re stumbling in the dark.

Second, the author has examples of Art Deco tiles, which is actually one of my favorite historical artistic movements, partly due to the fact that so much inspiration was taken from nature and animals. Houses were decorated with art,housewares, and wall coverings that depicted animals, insects, flowers and trees.

Lastly, there is something called the Chicken’s Wedding. Not only is the chicken getting married, but she is being attended by monkeys. And there is never anything wrong with that.

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