Rusty Patched Bumble Bee first bee on Endangered Species List

beedrawing20170410_1000_2The Rusty Patched Bumble bee is officially the first bee on the Endangered Species list. This bee, a native of eastern United States and upper Midwest, has been on the decline for a while; it’s imperative we take action to protect the decline of bees, as bees are a keystone species and the environment depends on their actions.

In February there was some doubt the bumblebee would make it on the list, although it has been slated to join in January. NRDC sued the Trump adminstration, who froze the federal protection through an executive order. The adminstration backed down, and allowed the bumblebee to be added to the list of protected animals.

Original NASA Photos for Sale

If you have a few thousand extra Euros, an art gallery is selling vintage NASA photographs. While originally taken as science and research photos, framing these photos and selling them through a gallery casts them in a different light. It’s interesting that these photos have the look of mid-century photographs, because of the technology available at the time, that reminds me of the look people are trying to achieve with Instagram filters. It shows us what we value: that we value photographs of a certain era because they remind of us something, not necessarily that they are, or were ever intended as, art. And by doing so, these photos reframe the conversation of what is art.

One of my favorites is the close-up of Gemini 6 & 7. The focus is on the spacecraft, but what is more important is what is seen out of focus in the background: the Earth and the surrounding darkness of space. These photos invoke a sense of awe, but also loneliness; the things of man, while seeming so significant on Earth, look so small when put against the backdrop of space.