• New Work: Humpback Whale 1

    This summer I’ve been spending time working on color studies. In my jewelry I work a lot with black and white, but for my original art, my larger pieces, I wanted to explore color.


    In exploring color, I wanted to introduce unexpected and bright colors to the animals. I wanted the colors to make the animals a little abstract and not true to life, but brilliant.

    Humpback whales are prevalent in California during migration season. For the last two years, you can see the whales easily from the coast; one day in Half Moon Bay, we were standing on the beach and we could see a pod of whales surfacing just past the waves. I’m not sure why they are so close to the coast line, but it amazes me that these huge and gentle creatures and swimming just hundreds of yards from where I’m standing.

    Humback 1 is available for preorder as an 18 x 24 or 8 x 10 print.

  • New Artwork: Coyote

    I’m super excited to announce the launch of new artwork that I’ve been working on over the summer. The first piece is Coyote, and is meant as a companion piece to Jackrabbit.


    For Coyote I wanted to portray the predator in a softer light, in a kind way. Often people thing of coyotes as aggressive and almost vicious, so I wanted to counter that and present another way of looking at these wild animals. I’ve seen coyotes in the open spaces and in the hills above my house, and they are graceful and careful, but always know where they are going.

    Coyote is both rebellious and playful; she symbolizes the trickster, and inspires transformation. She’s always got something up her sleeve, and she can get out of any situation.

    Coyote is another piece in my California collection, honoring and portraying native animals in California.

    Coyote print is available for preorder in my store in an 8 x 10 size and a 18 x 24 size.

  • Great White Shark color sketch

    20170709_greatwhitesketchSharks are one of the most misunderstood animals; great whites are one of the most feared animals, and current conservation status is Vulnerable. There is a lot we don’t know about sharks, because it’s difficult to observe them and they are difficult to keep in captivity. Great white sharks don’t feed and often die in captivity; the Monterey Bay aquarium has had some success getting them to feed, but has not kept them for a long period of time. Sharks are caught just for the fins (in a practice where the fin is cut off and the shark tossed back to die, which is one of the most cruel practices I can imagine) or get tangled in fishing nets as a result of by catch. Great white sharks are the top of the ocean food chain, and are important to keeping oceans healthy.

    Follow this link to dispel some other shark myths!

  • Utah Wildflowers

    This year I was in Utah during the end of the wildflower season. While I am admittedly bad at identifying flowers and plants, I still wanted to get shots of these beautiful, bright little flowers.


    I found this little guy on a hike along to foot of the Wasatch Range. There is still a lot of runoff from snow in higher elevations; you could see the snow still at the tops of the mountains though it was already in the 80s at the lower elevations.


    These beautiful yellow flowers were part of a wildflower garden. The purples were just starting to fade, giving way to bright yellow flowers of early summer.


    This lavender colored little flower looked almost like a tiny snapdragon. We also saw a lot of bumblebees pollinating the flowers.



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